Minggu, 01 Maret 2009

TIPS and TRICKS in order to quickly increase your income

How is your income is now increasing with th many PTC sites? If not there may be something that you have to do.I get tips from this Mr.Haryo that i can make a business.
That below tips and tricks in order to quickly increase your income.
  1. Login every day and make a click as much as possible.Login every day to see the latest ad ads that sometimes there is only one day valid,you must not behind the information.
  2. Follow many PTC program.During the second ad to wait for the page from the site, you can see the other page.That can open a 5-10 page at a time of some program PTC, why not?
  3. Search download / referral as much as much posibble.! Each sit gets surely get PTC referral link URL, inveti your friends to join through your referral URL.
Afliasi with the program,each referral you make a click you will earn money.You get reply on the service of providing information and referral you get valuable information about PTC.

Let's exchange about the program PTC and let the same dollar!!

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